The scientist from the board meeting, DR. ESARE, pores over a large touchscreen on the wall with graphs and readings. JEAN TORENTIN calls to him from offscreen.

JEAN: Hey.

Esare coldly glances halfway in her direction.

JEAN: Hey, asshole. What are you doing over there on that screen?

ESARE: I highly doubt your mind is capable of appreciating the intricacies of the extraction process, Ms. Torentin.

We now see Jean in a pristine white room, stretched out on a table, her wrists and ankles cuffed directly to its surface. A wire connects from her left hand to a large cylindrical machine with a pipe connecting to the wall. The "they want us to forget" title appears, obscuring Jean's face and much of her surroundings. DR. GARY GARRISON stands on the opposite end of the room to Dr. Esare, with a screen of his own.

GARRISON: Gee, you could be a little bit nicer...

ESARE: Shut up, Gary. Never form an attachment to the subjects.

The door to the room hisses open, and MICHAEL enters.

JEAN: Hey, you! What the hell is going on here--

MICHAEL: Dr. Esare, your report. Please.

ESARE: Um, ok... while our current estimates indicate the majority of components, they don't account for a total success.

MICHAEL: Disregard. Begin extraction now.

ESARE: U-uh, I'm not--

MICHAEL: I only have one question: will we get the Ferroza Hyperstorm?

ESARE: Yes, but-

MICHAEL: Then begin. Extraction. Now.

ESARE: Are you mad at me because I sent you to talk to the boss?

GARRISON: That hardass? I don't blame you

JEAN: If you all hate your boss so much, why do you listen to them? You can just let me go, right?

Michael approaches Jean, death in his eyes, though it isn't clear whose.

MICHAEL: Do you honestly think those in charge can be defied? You naive child.

JEAN: I'm not a child, I'm like, twenty-- wait, I'm thirty-three?

Gary stands at his screen, his hand hovering over a large analog button next to it.

GARRISON: Oh, that's sad... What a short life...

MICHAEL: No, this shouldn't kill her. Probably.

Michael puts his hand to the opposite button.

MICHAEL: Begin extraction.


Jean's entire world flashes red and black as energy flows through the wire stuck through her hand. Michael points to the machine the wire connects to, which now contains a green substance, as he fiddles with Gary's screen, which displays a number of faces, one of which is enlarged to show someone with medium-length hair and some sort of facial covering. Below this icon reads the number "#1-FYL".

MICHAEL: Transfer this to someone in Sector C.

ESARE: Sector C? Don't you mean-

MICHAEL: Looks like one eff why ell is available.

GARRISON: Doesn't it belong in the Ferroza lab?

MICHAEL: Stay out of this, Dr. Garrison. You don't work in the Ferroza lab.

GARRISON: Well I'm pretty sure the boss said you should be "in that lab 24/7" so-

Michael appears as his own shadow as his rage consumes him.


Michael grabs Gary's shoulders with a threatening scowl.

MICHAEL: You don't-- youuu, don't, work, in the Ferroza lab.

GARY: (starting to think you belong in Sector C...)

A screen displays the words "Extraction complete." Jean appears disheveled.

JEAN: Ouhhhhh what the fuck... What the fuck is a Ferroza lab...

Jean forms a cloud in her hand, pointing it at Michael and Gary as they bicker.

JEAN: Time for a little lightning to put these dipshits in their place...

Suddenly, as soon as it formed, the cloud dissipates. Gary takes notice of this and lets slip a slight smile.

JEAN: What...?