We begin viewing a screen displaying an INFORMATIVE VIDEO in which images appear on a blue background.

VIDEO: Helloooo, newcomers! And welcome to...

The logo for "THE SIGMENT FOUNDATION" appears on the screen. Then, the video is paused. In the reflection of the screen, a SHORT MAN can be seen adjusting his glasses. The lenses are opaque and hide his eyes and his face is covered by the "they want us to forget" title. The video resumes with images of an umbrella agent, a scientist with a lab coat and test tube, people sitting at a row of desks making calls, and a hand glowing with power.

VIDEO: Whether you plan to enter our brave Scouting Division, our esteemed Research and Development Division, our dedicated Sales Division, or our new Augmented Division, you'll be helping forge a MODERN WORLD with the production & distribution of COMMODITIES!

A cartoonish thinking face appears on the screen.

VIDEO: But what exactly is a commodity?

The video cuts to two silhouettes shaking hands. The footage is staticky and unclear.

VIDEO: Well, that question is exactly why our founders--* [SKTCHHH]

The video becomes clear again and displays an image of Mr. Sigment inside a star.

VIDEO: *--why our founder, Harold Sigment, started this company.

The image changes to a simplified diagram of three human figures presenting offerings to a large magenta figure, an approximation of Movoriss.

VIDEO: Commodities are supernatural abilities granted to people, animals, and objects. For a long time, the only way to obtain one was to make a deal with a certain enigmatic man. Thanks to the efforts of our research team, those days are past.

In the lower right of the screen, text appears reading "(THE SIGMENT FOUNDATION DOES NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THIS MAN NOR DO WE CONDONE NOR CLAIM TO HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF HIS SUPPOSED COMPLICITY IN THE "LUNAR NEXUS" INCIDENT.)" The image switches to a photograph of a multiwinged being radiating blinding white light, the 'Angel' who fought Rudy and his friends.

VIDEO: Our synthesized commodities are sold around the world-- and since some people gave up their soul for one, it's no wonder our buyers will spend a fortune!

The image switches to that of a satellite dish emblazoned with the SIGMENT logo.

VIDEO: This success has allowed us to expand into other avenues, such as media...

The image switches to Sergi Donovanson at a podium with the POLITIKORP logo and a poster reading "VOTE SERGI" in the SIGMENT logo font.

VIDEO: politics...

The image switches to a YOUNG BOY with curly light brown hair sitting on a bed with tears in his eyes.

VIDEO: medicine, and more!

BOY: I was a goneuh... but the Sigments... they saved me. Thank you.

The image switches to a cartoonish smiley face.

VIDEO: So no matter how you work for us, just know you're a part of something good! And remember to keep smiling--

The video pauses on the smiley face so its DIRECTOR can speak.

DIRECTOR: So what do you think?

The short man with glasses sternly glares at the screen. Reflected in the lenses of his glasses is the smiley face from the video. His finger is at his chin.

SHORT MAN: I have some concerns.

The director sits at their desk wearing sunglasses and a beret.

DIRECTOR: I told you the editing wasn't done yet!

SHORT MAN: Not that. My concern has more to do with editing and tone.


SHORT MAN: It's too condescending. We don't want to talk down to the new recruits. Who's going to be working here who doesn't understand all that stuff? Besides, when you lay it all out like that, we look like the bad guys. So for those reasons, it may be best to scrap the whole thing and start over.

The director angrily stands up.

DIRECTOR: You would have me ruin everything I've worked so hard on? You are the destroyer of worlds!

SHORT MAN: Geez. It's just marketing.

DIRECTOR: What even gives you the right to come here and judge my work? Aren't you just a scientist?

SHORT MAN: Marketing is psychological manipulation. Getting people to do what you want them to... there's a science to it. Look, if I can't convince you, could you at least ditch the clip of that crybaby kid? It's ancient and everyone's seen it already. Those tears have to lose their impact eventually.

The director calms down as the short man appears increasingly self-satisfied.

DIRECTOR: That's true, but it's never failed to pull in the donations before.

SHORT MAN: We won't need to worry about securing funds when our guy wins the election.

The SCIENTIST from the board meeting enters, panicked. The short man, MICHAEL, appears displeased to see him.

SCIENTIST: Michael! The boss wants to talk to you!

MICHAEL: What? I'm your boss

SCIENTIST: No, um the boss.

MICHAEL: Oh. Well... Fuck.