We open on the bottom of the Sigment Foundation tower, viewed upside down. Progressing downward, we reach the tower's zenith, an ascent into hell. From here we can see how the structure dwarfs the rest of Midnight City as the "they want us to forget" title appears. We move into a boardroom inside the tower's top floor as a featureless BUSINESSPERSON in a suit gives a presentation with charts and graphs.

BUSINESSPERSON: This is shaping up to be our best quarter yet!

Three featureless members of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS sit at the meeting table with nameplates in front of them.

J. CABELL: Ah, very good.

L. SCHWARTZ: Very good, yes?


The presenter continues gesturing to their charts.

BUSINESSPERSON: Our commodity sythesis methods are more efficient than ever... We dominate the market because no one else sells these... Global demand is at an all-time high as governments and mercenaries around the world buy the commodities we produce... And profits keep going up!

J. CABELL: Indeed, good.

L. SCHWARTZ: Mm, very yes...


At the head of the table sits the Foundation's patriarch, HAROLD SIGMENT. He has dark gray straightened hair and a thick mustache. He wears a plaid brown suit and a green tie with symbols for money.

BUSINESSPERSON: What do you think of all this, Mr. Sigment?

SIGMENT: ...where is Michael?

We see an empty seat with a nameplate reading "HEAD OF R&D".


SIGMENT: Michael. The scientist. He was supposed to be here today.

A SCIENTIST in glasses and a lab coat with three colored pens and the SIGMENT emblem rushes into the boardroom.

SCIENTIST: Sorry I'm late!

SIGMENT: ...you're not Michael.

SCIENTIST: He sent me.

SIGMENT: Well, I sent for him. I have special instructions for him. Find him when this meeting ends. ...while you're here, tell me about the new subject you got today.

SCIENTIST: Oh, she's great for our research.

SIGMENT: I heard she put one of our guys in the hospital.

SCIENTIST: Yeah, well--

SIGMENT: ...she's dangerous. She may not be worth the trouble. What if she escapes?

A SHADOWY FIGURE holding an umbrella appears behind the scientist.

SCIENTIST: That's unlikely. Even if she does, we can stop her before she gets far.

Upon close inspection, the figure can be seen to be sporting red glasses and lipstick.

SCIENTIST: Because we have the Queen...