The AUGMENTED AGENT radiating a blue glow stands in the street.

BLUE AGENT: Commodities? Yeah, of course we got 'em. Welcome to the modern world.

JEAN stands across from him wielding lightning, unaware of the SECOND AGENT coated in a thick shell quickly approaching from behind

JEAN: What are you talking abou--

The shelled agent punches Jean in the back, knocking her unconscious. All four agents present stand around her body as the "they want us to forget" title appears above them. The FIRST AGENT, the one with a Doomnaw-esque mole, exits the restaurant.

MOLE AGENT: Good work, team. Now I'll take them in to headquarters.

Both augmented agents visibly take issue with this.

BLUE AGENT: Hold on a second! We were the ones who defeated her. Why should you get all the credit?

MOLE AGENT: I found them. I sent in the report. Why shouldn't I take the credit?

SHELL AGENT: Oh, I get it now. He's jealous 'cuz he doesn't have a commodity!

The agent's face contorts into a grim scowl.

MOLE AGENT: Tch. Like I would ever make that mistake.

The agent points at one of the two other UMBRELLA AGENTS.

MOLE AGENT: You. You're coming with me. We're taking her to headquarters.

Jean lays unconscious, covered in a net carried by the two agents.

JEAN: Mmm.....

Her mind begins to flash back to vague, flickering memories. We see the hospital she awoke in days prior and the NURSE who tended to her, urging her not to leave.

NURSE (memory): Please wait! We ABSOLUTELY must perform those tests!

JEAN (unconscious): mm.....

JEAN (memory): Just leave me alone... I don't want to be here.

A darkness begins to intrude on this memory. An UNSEEN EVIL begins to speak, and its voice is all too familiar.

MOVORISS: Do you remember what you gave up? DO YOU REMEMBER HOW YOU GOT HERE?

In the real world, the two agents carry Jean's body along the road.

SECRET AGENT: Finally, I am a real secret agent!

MOLE AGENT: Would you stop saying that? It's not even true. There's absolutely nothing secretive about the Sigment Foundation.

From far away, we can see that the agents' destination is the large tower in the center of the city.

SECRET AGENT: Yeah, you're right...