NARRATION: 3 days earlier...

JEAN TORENTIN awakens in a hospital bed. Her head is bandaged and her raincoat is hung up to her side.

JEAN: Huh...? Where am I...?

A featureless NURSE enters, holding a clipboard and pencil.

NURSE: Ah, Jean Torentin. You're awake. Good. You must have many questions. This is a hospital for victims of the Lunar Nexus.

A flashback of the Lunar vessels descending during the eclipse.

NURSE: Six years ago, a hostile alien force ravaged the Earth.

An image of the city from below. In the center stands a tall, sinister tower.

NURSE: Eventually, survivors flocked to this area to rebuild. Because we can barely see the sun anymore, we call it Midnight City.

Jean removes her bandages and stands to put on her coat.

NURSE: It's starting to really feel like a city, too. We're even electing our first mayor soon, so that's exciting.

JEAN: Wait, I was in a coma for SIX YEARS?

NURSE: Well, not exactly. We're not sure what happened to you. You showed signs of head injury when we found you. We're thinking you were struck by falling debris during the Lunar Nexus. We'll know for sure once we run some tests.

Jean wears her coat and puts her hood up.

JEAN: Is that what happened... I don't remember...

The "they want us to forget" title appears with the colors inverted over a white silhouette of Jean with a purple pulse through her head.

Present day. Jean steps out of the restaurant, but the doors are flanked by two UMBRELLA AGENTS.

JEAN: Ah, what a nice meal...

One of the agents lifts their umbrella like a gun and launches a net in Jean's direction.

JEAN: What the heck?!

Jean is caught in the net, and the agents share a high five before Jean conjures a Hyperstorm of wispy black clouds to launch green lightning at the net, disintegrating it and releasing her. Jean then uses a regular thundercloud to shock her assailants with yellow lightning.

JEAN: Just who are you people?!

One of the agents speaks into their umbrella's communication device.

AGENT: It's no use; she's too strong... YES, I'm sure! We need the augmented division!

Jean threatens her enemies with another stormcloud.

JEAN: Talk! What's your group's goal?

AGENT: What's anyone's goal? Oh... they got here fast.

Two more individuals in sunglasses appear behind Jean.

JEAN: What? More umbrella agents?

Jean fires a lightning bolt at the new arrivals, but one of them lifts their hand, coated in a strange blue energy that disperses the bolt.

JEAN: What...

The door to Ardiano's is still open behind her, and inside the agent with a mole can be seen looking at his radar. Three pulsing dots appear on the display.

Jean gets a closer look at her two new opponents. On the left stands the one raditating blue energy. On the right stands another whose torso is covered in a thick shell and whose arms end in large claws.

JEAN: You guys have commodities?!