Angel of Death
Spin-Wheel and Bill Weld
Birth Giver's Glorious Return
Battle Outside the Calendar Factory!
Face to Face-Off
Bloody Murder
Victory is Decided
The Contingency Plan
Man, Machine, Monkey
The Greatest Welder Alive
Nefaritus the Vampire
Another One Rides the Bus
Black Hat Pirates
Corrupt, Scarred, Vengeful, Unhindered, Invincible GOD
The Man With One Hundred Arms
The Secret of the Elemental Knife
Bill Weld vs. Bill Weld ~Undying Will~
Your Favorite...
The Slaughter of His World
My Choice...
Mr. Green's Lamp
1:39 PM on a Windy Day
Hollow and Empty ~Piloted Only By the Void~
The One Behind It All
Orbit and Rotation of the Moon
A Tedious Argument of Insidious Intent
Nightmare on the Dark Side of the Moon
Total Eclipse of the Heart